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Straight forward to initiate. We've used Prushka's suggested trading terms working on our web site for new clients who must confirm they have read and accept them before we do their work. We have only needed to use Prushka's service on a very small number of occasions, largely because of this. When we have needed them, our money has been recovered with very little additional input from us. Recommend you have significant discussions with clients in writing / email, including confirming email if significant details on the phone.

Graeme Greenwood
Manager Spatial Operations
Mapmakers Australia
20 years



We are extremely happy with the services provided by Prushka. All matters are handled promptly. Our Account Controller is Ishani. She is very efficient and regularly contacts us with updates.

Credit Controller
Business & Taxation Concepts
2 years



Customer finally paid, I thought I was never going to get the money back.

Henry's Locksmith Service
1 week



I have been trying to recover this debt for a long time and never thought it would happen. We don't have to use them a lot but each time have had success.

Boron Molecular
2 Years

Records 1 - 4 of 42
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