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We are always kept updated and well informed on the progress of our debt recoveries.

Narelle Richards
Administration Manager
SHB Business & Wealth Advisers
6 years



A very happy client.

Office Manager
Power Genie
3 years



Service is efficient, friendly, professional with competitive pricing.

Katrina Maxwell
Gippsland Building Approvals
7 years



What has impressed TASSAT about Prushka services is that a Client Services Memeber was allocated to our account and whilst providing very good customer service and regular updates, also provided complete details on services offered and rates that applied to services. Similarly the Legal Team was always available and displayed a very high level of professional skill and expertise in debt collection regularly discussing and providing updates on the progress of the recovery of TASSAT's outstanding debts. Prushka has been very professional and successful in recoverying outstanding debts for TASSAT and therefore we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business for fast and effecient recovery of outstanding debts.

Managing Director & Principal Consultant
Tassat Pty Ltd
2 years

Records 117 - 120 of 122
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