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Prushka have been great, very professional. Have nothing negative to say about Prushka. Would definitely recommend to other businesses needing debt recovery services.

Brooke Harvey
PharmOut Pty Ltd



My business found the services provided by Prushka & Mendelsons Lawyers extremely valuable. My business had not experienced a client refuse to pay invoices in the past, the advice and action provided ensured that we received what we were owed, as well as recovering legal and court fees. We were kept in the loop for the duration of the process from when we initially reached out for help, right up until funds were transferred to our account. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others.

Carl Jolly
Director of JK Personnel
K Personnel



Jacob!! He was both professional, helpful and understanding. He was amazing. He made the whole dreaded first time process so easy for us and bonus he got almost all the outstanding payment from our customer.

Mow & Mulch Lawn & Garden Maintenance
1 year



In my experiences with Jaynene, she has managed to retrieve payment for a lot of the cases I have referred to Prushka.

Administration Assistant
1 year

Records 9 - 12 of 130
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