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Jacob!! He was both professional, helpful and understanding. He was amazing. He made the whole dreaded first time process so easy for us and bonus he got almost all the outstanding payment from our customer.

Mow & Mulch Lawn & Garden Maintenance
1 year



In my experiences with Jaynene, she has managed to retrieve payment for a lot of the cases I have referred to Prushka.

Administration Assistant
1 year



Updates on payments made, advice given on best course of action, clear communications and respect to me as a client.

Client Service Manager
Children Services
3 years



Our company only has small one-off debts, so your service is very convenient for us. I dealt with Cassandra and she has been wonderful. We love that it gets completely handed over to you. Thank you!

Titan Athletics
Prushka client

Records 1 - 4 of 120
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