'Written Off' Debt Recovery

Just because your previous collection agency or lawyers have failed to collect and you have written debts off - does not mean that it is the end of the road.
We love to work debts which others have given up on.
You have absolutely nothing to lose, because our service for written-off debts is "No Recovery - No Charge". We will only send you a cheque, never a bill.
Send us the debts your previous collection agency or law firm has given up on. We know that we will get good recoveries on them, because we know what to do. You won't get a bill.
Send us all your written-off debts - up to 4 years old.

Benefits for your business:

  • Turn written-off debts into cash $$$.
  • NO RECOVERY - NO CHARGE service for even the toughest written-off debts.
  • No cost to give us a try.
  • Test your current agency. If we collect on debts they have closed, it is a sign that they don't do a great job.
To find out more call the Client Services Team on 1800 641 617.
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