Business Trading Terms

Proper trading terms establish a concrete foundation for your business, clearly defining your legal rights and relationship with our customer, from the beginning.
A lawyer from Mendelsons Lawyers, our associated law firm will obtain telephone instructions from you and prepare expertly drafted trading terms to suit your business.
With our extensive experience and legal expertise in recovering overdue accounts, we know the most suitable clauses you should have.
You don't get a pastry chef to fix your car. You need a lawyer who really understands debt collection to prepare your trading terms.
Your trading terms may be incorporated into your quote, order form, acceptance confirmation or account opening paperwork. We will also guide you on how to effectively utilize your new trading terms.
Benefits for your business:
  • Charge interest and add commission on your overdue accounts.
  • Decrease the number of defaulting customers.
  • Ability to seize your goods back in the event of default.
  • Increase your success when suing debtors.
  • Protect your business from being sued.
  • ACCC compliant.
What you get:
  • In-depth review of your business practices.
  • Review of your business risk.
  • Terms to improve collection of overdue accounts and to cover all legal bases to enable you to sue successfully.
  • Professional advice on additional terms that may be required to further protect your business from other potential liabilities.
  • Provision of comprehensive trading terms in both 'easy to read' format and 'fine print' format.
The cost of Prushka Business Trading Terms is only $1,485.00 including GST.
Mendelsons Lawyers
You would normally pay a lawyer between $1,500 to $5,000 for comprehensive trading terms.
Our cost is only $1,485.00 including GST.
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