Prushka Sticker Systems

The Prushka Sticker System will EMPOWER your business with the Prushka name, conveying the powerful message to your customers that you operate an effective accounts receivable system.
With easy-to-use Now Due, Overdue and Final Demand stickers,the messages are designed specifically to let your customers know that there are consequences if they don't pay your accounts in a timely manner. The stickers are placed onto your initial invoice, first and final statements.

Benefits for your business:

  • By using the "Prushka" name, it shows you take a firm line with slow payers.
  • Enhances your Accounts Receivable system by helping isolate potential bad debts from slow payers.
  • You will quickly see a real jump in payments being received.
  • No obligation to continue using us. The choice is yours!
Pack Type Contents
"Now Due" pack 150 stickers
"Overdue" pack 150 stickers
"Final Demand" pack 150 stickers
Mixed pack 50 "Now Due" stickers
50 "Overdue" stickers
50 "Final Demand" stickers
Prushka Sticker System Price
1 pack of stickers $102.19 including GST.
2 packs of stickers $187.28 including GST.
3 packs of stickers $241.29 including GST.
nowdue overdue finaldue
Plus get prompt payment by affixing Prushka Credit Term Stickers to your invoice.
Credit Term Stickers
Pack Type Contents Price
Credit Term Stickers 150 stickers $59.00 including GST.
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