Instant Legal Demand Letter

All you pay is the cost of the letter.
Discuss your debt collection problem with an experienced debt collection lawyer and a tailored letter will immediately be drafted and sent to your debtor and a copy will be sent to you.
This solution is ideal if you want to take a harder legal line with a particular debtor or speed up the collection of a large outstanding account.
No need to send money. We will send you an invoice.

Benefits for your business:

  • No hassles, no forms to fill in, no appointments necessary.
  • The name 'Mendelsons Lawyers' commands respect.
  • You can discuss details of your debt with a lawyer who has experience in debt collection.
  • No commission payable if the letter results in your debt being paid.
  • No obligation to continue using us. The choice is yours!

The cost of this solution is only $339.50 (incl. GST)

To find out more or to request an Instant Legal Demand Letter call the Client Services Team on 1800 641 617.
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