Prushka NO RECOVERY - NO CHARGE Debt Collection

We pioneered the concept of performance based debt collection in Australia and have never charged our clients any loading fees, membership fees or other similar charges for over 43 years. Our NO RECOVERY - NO CHARGE service means that commission is only charged on the amount we actually recover for you. You won't get a bill. There are no other fees or charges (subject to our terms).

What we do

Our system for debt collection has been developed and refined over many years. Your debt is handled by your own Account Controller who is always accessible to you. Because we don't get paid if we don't collect, we are on your side.
We trace debtors through our Investigations Team and all collections work is handled by Mason Black + Mendelsons Lawyers.

Benefits for your business:

  • Focus on your core business functions whilst we take care of recovering your overdue accounts.
  • Reduces your operating costs by outsourcing to the experts.
  • Reduces your risk of breaching compliance and regulatory obligations and legislation including ACCC & ASIC debt collection directives,the National Privacy Principles and Privacy Act.
We have specialized teams dedicated to various industry types such as Healthcare, Corporate Medical, National and Commercial debts. We will allocate your debts to an Account Controller who is highly experienced in collecting monies for businesses just like yours.
Our services is right across Australia.

Commission Rate

These are our standard rates.
Original Debt Amount $ Commission Rate % *What you receive %
Over $50,001 10 90
20,001-50,000 15 85
10,001-20,000 20 80
1,001-10,000 25 75
Under $1000 35 65
*Assumes full GST recovery
No minimum commission and no minimum debt amount.
Debts over 6 months old at date of submission or where the debtor is located outside Australia will be subject to an additional 10% commission.
*Subject to terms on our website.
For debts owing by deceased estates, click here
e.g. Large radiology/pathology companies, hospitals, essential service providers and telcos
e.g. insurance fleet, claims management and rental vehicle companies
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