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With over 43 years of knowledge and practice in the debt collection industry, Prushka Fast Debt Recovery in conjunction with our fully integrated law firm, Mendelsons National Debt Collection Lawyers, has developed many products and solutions to meet your needs.
Collecting your overdue accounts
For "No recovery-No Charge" debt collection on a commission basis
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Prushka Demand Letters
For easy-to-use, DIY commission free debt collection
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Business Trading Terms
To strengthen and protect your business
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Prushka Sticker System
For "Now Overdue", "Overdue" and "Final Demand" stickers
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Instant Legal Demand Letter
For an instant lawyer's legal demand letter
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Judgment Debt Enforcement
Collected on a "No Recovery-No Charge" basis
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'Written Off' Debt Recovery
Collected on a "No Recovery-No Charge" basis
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The Ten Mistakes Businesses Make ...and How to Avoid Them..

A guide for those serious about creating and building a successful, sustainable business.
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10 mistakes businesses make
Business Survival Guide

The post GFC recession didn't arrive. However, operate your business as if a recession is always round the corner. Practical and useful tips to help you cut costs and risk.

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