About Mendelsons National Debt Collection Lawyers.

Mendelsons Lawyers
  • Mendelsons National Debt Collection Lawyers are Prushka's fully integrated law firm.
  • Mendelsons handle debt collection claims throughout all jurisdictions in Australia.
  • Debt collection and legal enforcement is what they do and it is what they have done for nearly 4 decades.
  • Mendelsons Lawyers comprises an experienced team of lawyers and paralegals committed to helping their clients achieve practical outcomes.

  • The very name 'Mendelsons Lawyers' sends the message to your debtor that you are serious about collecting what they owe.

  • Focused on achieving commercial outcomes.

  • Accessible lawyers.

  • When you have Mendelsons Lawyers on your side, you have experience, reputation and passion working for you.

15 minute free consultation with a lawyer.
To find out more, please visit: www.mendelsons.com.au or call the Pre-Legal Team directly on (03) 9872 7289.

Pursuant to Rule 7 of the Legal Profession Uniform Legal Practice (Solicitors) Rule 2015 Mendelsons Lawyers Pty Ltd ACN 125 099 701 discloses that it is associated with and shares common ownership with Prushka Fast Debt Recovery Pty Ltd ACN 005 962 854.