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Prushka Demand Letters nowdue
Number of Prushka Letters
Price $(incl. GST)
  1,000 letters
x $3,199.30
  500 letters
x $2,220.35
  200 letters
x $957.55
  100 letters
x $635.25
  50 letters
x $426.25
  30 letters
x $295.35
  10 letters
x $160.05
  5 letters
x $93.23
  1 letter
x $37.95
Due to QLD law an alternative service is available for QLD customers.
Contact our Client Services Team on -1800 641 617
The Prushka Collection Sticker System nowdue overdue finaldue

The Mixed Stickers pack includes 50 "Now Due" , 50 "Overdue", and 50 "Final Demand" stickers.
All other pack Types include 150 stickers of a single Type (being "Now Due", "Overdue", or "Final Demand") .

Quantity (Please specify quantity)
Price $(incl. GST)
  Mixed Stickers
Any 1 Pack = $102.19
Any 2 Packs = $187.28
Any 3 Packs = $241.29
  Now Due Stickers
  Overdue Stickers
  Final Demand Stickers
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