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Action Forms (to lodge debts)
The quickest and easiest way to send debts to us for collection is by using our Online Action Form.
However, if you wish to submit debts using fax, post, or email, you can download our Action Form.
You only need to complete an Action Form once. Thereafter, just send us a copy of the invoice and quote your client number.
For Prushka Partners
Register as a member of a Prushka partner organization once and receive an ongoing 10% discount on Prushka's commission and products . Online Action Form. download.
Product Order Form
Online Order Online Product Order Form. download
If you wish to order using fax, post or email, you can download our Product Order Form. Alternatively, call our Client Services Team on freecall 1800 641 617.


Getting your customers to pay your collection costs

Free forms to help your business
A selection of free documents and samples to help you.
Credit Application Form
Easy to use forms to be adapted by you to suit your business.
Benefit from our 37 years of experience.
Directors' Guarantee Form
If you give credit to companies, reduce your risk by getting guarantees from the directors.


Finance & Accounting Information

Understanding your tax invoice and our accounting and statement process
Understanding Your Tax Invoice explains how to read and understand the invoices we send to you.
Invoice Statement FAQs will also help you further understand our accounting and statement process.
Receiving your money via EFT
If you would like us to electronically send you the net amount of monies collected on your behalf, please download, complete and return this Electronic Statement Application form.
If you would like us to send you the full amount collected on your behalf, then debit your account with the total charge detailed in the statement, please download, complete and return this Credit-Debit Statement Application form.
* Please note that eligibility criteria apply for this option.